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Geographic Information System (GIS) for Environmental Studies:

Recent graduate seeking opportunities in the environmental sector to apply knowledge and GIS skills to various practices and concepts in real-world scenarios.

#windenergy, #solarenergy, #hydropowerenergy, #nuclearenergy, #greenenergy,#climatechange, #globalwarming, #climatejustice

  • Mapping and Visualization 

  • Spatial Data & Analysis

  • Google Earth Engine

  • Structure Query Language

  • ArcGIS API for JavaScrip

  • ArcGIS API for Python (ArcPy, Arcade)

  • Geodatabase( GIS Data Management)

  • Web & Mobile Apps for ArcGIS Pro

  • ArcGIS  Enterprise 

  • ArcGIS Survey 123

  • QA/QC for GIS data

GIS Practicum Student-I
Sep 2010  to Dec  2020

I worked on a Fish passage project to identify hydroelectric plants/ Dams’ locations and store each Dam's address in a spreadsheet using QGIS. These human-made structures restrict fish flow to their habitats. And so therefore, fishes are less connected to waterways. Canadian Wildlife Federation and their partners wanted to find ways to restore freshwater's health by removing barriers or modifying them so that fish and other aquatic organisms can pass through DAMs.


GIS Practicum Student-II 
Sep 2020  to Dec  2020

Worked with the Canadian Hydrographic Service(CHS), Department of the Fisheries and Ocean s Canada On the Fogo Seamounts project and created story maps to be released for Geographical Naming day in November. 

GIS Student Assistant 
Sep 2019  to April  2020

I was accepted for a  'Work-Study', GIS Assistant position, posted by the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies.  Work-Study's program is a Financial Aid program ​funded by Carleton University.
As a GIS student assistant, my job was to convert different course materials from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro. For example, I was responsible to change all the 'ArcMap' course material to 'ArcGIS Pro' for the GEOM 2007 course.


GIS application project



As a student in GIS Diploma Program at Vancouver Island University, I was required to complete a practicum project at the end of my program. Fortunately, I was offered a project to develop a 'flood depth grid' mapping to support floodplain mapping exercise for a sponsoring organization called 'Cowichan Valley Regional District ' in British Columbia. This 'practicum' project provided an opportunity for me to apply my GIS knowledge and skills, acquired from the program into practice.


Scripting Languages
  • JavaScrip 

  • Python 

  • I love travelling, flying my Drone and walking.

Honors BA  in Environmental Studies  with minor in Geomatics (view it                
Carleton University, Ottawa ON​ - 2017 - 2021

          GEOM 1004: Maps, Satellites, and the Geospatial Revolution        

          GEOM 2007: Geographic Information System

          GEOM 3002: Introduction to Remote sensing

          GEOM 3005: Geospatial Analysis

          GEOM 3103: Watershed Hydrology

          GEOM 4005: Remote Sensing with Google Earth Engine ( by JavaScript Programming Language)

          GEOM 4008: Advanced Topics in GIS

          GEOM 4009: Applications in GIS


Advanced diploma In GIS applications

Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo BC - 2016-2017

          GEOM 501: Foundation of GIS     

          GEOG 511: Geodatabase             

          GEOG 593: Internet GIS            

          GEOG 591: GIS Applications Project

          GEOG 581: Management Issues in GIS

          GEOG 523: Advance Applied Spatial Analysis

GIS workshops
Macodrum Library, Carleton University - 2019

          Introduction to Collector for GIS

          Introduction to ArcGIS Pro

          Mapping Census Data using QGIS

Other Courses
 Carleton University - 2020

          CDNS 1001: Studying Canada

          HIST 29100: History of Oil 

          HLTH 4601: Environmental Pollution and Health 

          GEOG3206: Health, Environment, and Society


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