Skills & Languages
Professional ​

Geographic Information System (GIS) in Environmental Studies:

As a powerful tool, GIS can help us with environmental data analysis and planning to aim development activities, monitor environmental problems, and develop GIS models to mitigate environmental hazards and risks. 

Hence, I am looking for an opportunity to use my knowledge of environmental studies and my GIS technical skills to apply best practices and concepts in real-world scenarios. 

#windenergy, #solarenergy, #hydropowerenergy, #nuclearenergy, #greenenergy,#climatechange, #globalwarming, #climatejustice

  • Experience in Esri development platform

    • Javascript, Web App Builder & App Studio 

  • Experience in Esri's mobile platform 

    • Collector, explorer & Survey 123  

  • Experience in the use of PCI Geomatics

  • Skilled in the use of Google Earth Engine

  • Experience using Spatial Analyst & ArcGIS pro

  • English

  • Farsi/Dari 

  • Pashtu

GIS Practicum Student-I view it
Sep 2010  to Dec  2020

I will be working with the Canadian Wildlife Federation(CWF) as a practicum student on the Canadian Aquatic Barrier Database (CABD). My job will be to work alongside other members of their GIS team to perform a variety of GIS and QA/GC tasks using QGIS software. e.g. I will be cleaning and standardizing barrier and hydrographic data that will be used for providing Fish passage  & moving the CADB project forward.


GIS Practicum Student-II 
Sep 2020  to Dec  2020

I will have an opportunity to work with the Canadian Hydrographic Service(CHS), Department of the Fisheries and Ocean s Canada. I will be working on the Fogo Seamounts project and will create a story map to be released for Geographical Naming day in November. 

GIS Student Assistant 
Sep 2019  to April  2020

I was accepted for a  'Work-Study', GIS Assistant position, posted by the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies.  Work-Study's program is a Financial Aid program ​funded by Carleton University.
As a GIS student assistant, my job was to convert different course materials from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro. For example, I was responsible to change all the 'ArcMap' course material to 'ArcGIS Pro' for the GEOM 2007 course.


GIS application project



As a student in GIS Diploma Program at Vancouver Island University, I was required to complete a practicum project at the end of my program. Fortunately, I was offered a project to develop a 'flood depth grid' mapping to support floodplain mapping exercise for a sponsoring organization called 'Cowichan Valley Regional District ' in British Columbia. This 'practicum' project provided an opportunity for me to apply my GIS knowledge and skills, acquired from the program into practice.


Scripting Languages
  • JavaScrip 

  • Python 

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  • I like to watch comedy 

  • Love to fly my drone 

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  • I like to travel 

Honors BA  in Environmental Studies  with minor in Geomatics (view it                
Carleton University, Ottawa ON​ - 2017 - 2021

          GEOM 1004: Maps, Satellites, and the Geospatial Revolution        

          GEOM 2007: Geographic Information System

          GEOM 3002: Introduction to Remote sensing

          GEOM 3005: Geospatial Analysis

          GEOM 3103: Watershed Hydrology

          GEOM 4005: Remote Sensing with Google Earth Engine ( by JavaScript Programming Language)

          GEOM 4008: Advanced Topics in GIS

          GEOM 4009: Applications in GIS


Advanced diploma In GIS applications

Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo BC - 2016-2017

          GEOM 501: Foundation of GIS     

          GEOG 511: Geodatabase             

          GEOG 593: Internet GIS            

          GEOG 591: GIS Applications Project

          GEOG 581: Management Issues in GIS

          GEOG 523: Advance Applied Spatial Analysis

GIS workshops
Macodrum Library, Carleton University - 2019

          Introduction to Collector for GIS

          Introduction to ArcGIS Pro

          Mapping Census Data using QGIS

Other Courses
 Carleton University - 2020

          CDNS 1001: Studying Canada

          HIST 29100: History of Oil 

          HLTH 4601: Environmental Pollution and Health 

          GEOG3206: Health, Environment, and Society